Who we are

Each year, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival crowns four Wind Princesses to represent the four corners of the King Boreas’ realm: North, East, West and South, and to serve as Legend characters and members of the reigning Royal Family. The Princesses, each accompanied by her Wind Prince, make hundreds of appearances throughout the year with the Royal Family. Requirement for membership in the PPA is based on the individual Princess successfully completing her year's reign with her Royal Family and contributing to the annual membership drive. 


Our primary purposes, as a Uniformed Group, is to:

  • Play an active role in the Saint Paul Winter Carnival as an alumni organization made up of the past legend characters – North, East, West and South Wind Princesses.

  • Promote the Saint Paul Winter Carnival Legend and the role the Wind Princesses.

  • Provide support for the current Wind Princesses through mentorship, monetary play as alumni and in-kind contributions during their year of service.

  • Encourage past Wind Princesses to participate in the Saint Paul Winter Carnival and the community, through the organized activities of the PPA.

  • Maintain and lead communication between PPA and the other affiliated groups represented by the Uniformed Groups Council to benefit the Saint Paul Winter Carnival in any way necessary.


Among our activities are Princess Mentorship, the annual Princess Farewell Brunch, Membership Meetings, providing funding for the reigning Princess Parade Costumes, Uniformed Group Council membership, volunteering at the Saint Paul Festival & Heritage Foundation's annual golf tournament, participating in parades