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Past Princesses

Each year, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival crowns four Wind Princesses to represent the four corners of the King Boreas’ realm: North, East, West and South, and to serve as Legend characters and members of the reigning Royal Family. The Princesses, each accompanied by her Wind Prince, make hundreds of appearances throughout the year with the Royal Family.  


North Wind Princess

Lauren (Kaldun) Valento

Sponsored by: Doodle Productions

Prince: Doug Johnson

East Wind Princess

Brooke (Johnson) Hancock

Sponsored by: Northern Prairie Financial

Prince: Jim Nelson

West Wind Princess

Kara Martin

Sponsored by: Steve Doody and Edward Jones Investmenets 

Prince: Randy Graff

South Wind Princess

Becca (Moos) Abrahamson

Sponsored by: Frazer Automotive 

Prince: N/A


North Wind Princess

Elizabeth (Mark) Byrne

Sponsored by: Rice Street Royalt

Prince: Bob Flood

East Wind Princess

Heather Westling

Sponsored by: Quality Insurance Service

Prince: Bill Wearn

West Wind Princess

Dani Ross

Sponsored by: White Bear Country Inn/Rudy's Red Eye Grill 

Prince: Daryl Wahl

South Wind Princess

Jacquelyn Chatelaine

Sponsored by: Alpha Financial Services 

Prince: Steve Doody 


North Wind Princess

JoJo Smith

Sponsored by: VocalEssense 

Prince: Erik Peterka  

East Wind Princess

Ellie Carter

Sponsored by: Seven Hills Benefit Partners

Prince: Brian Laughlin

West Wind Princess

Molly Daun

Sponsored by: ReMax Results River Run Team by Greg Kuntz 

Prince: Jory Leksen 

South Wind Princess

Elaina Hamann

Sponsored by: Rice Street Royalty 

Prince: Steven Palacio


North Wind Princess

Shannon Cherep

Sponsored by: Gopher Bar/Global Fund Charitiable Foundation

Prince: Joe Gallagher

East Wind Princess

Chelsea Bolier

Sponsored by: Rice Street Royalty

Prince: Duane Tessmer

West Wind Princess

Alyssa (Ortiz) Gutzmann

Sponsored by: J&J Temperature Control

Prince: Scott Oien 

South Wind Princess

Peggy (Ly) Krueser

Sponsored by: Mama T's Castle Tap

Prince: Joe Bennet


North Wind Princess

Dana (Schachter) Carlson

Sponsored by: FFP Wealth Management

Prince: Dan Linse

East Wind Princess

Caitlyn Stenerson

Sponsored by: Ainsley Shea Communications

Prince: David Medernach

West Wind Princess

Shelby (Edmondson) Strasser

Sponsored by: LCS Company

Prince: Christian Weinhagen

South Wind Princess

Leah (Wipperling) Garsteig

Sponsored by: Ideal Printers

Prince: Jesse Abbott

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