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The Four Wind Princesses

Each of the four wind princesses have a unique character and play an important role in the Legend of Boreas. When chosen, the Princess is paired with her Wind Prince and there on after takes on the role of either North, East, West or South. A color, character and story is assigned to them to live out for the remainder of their year. See below for each of the wind princess' stories. 

North Wind Princess

Titan may have control of the blustery North Wind, but it is the task of the North Wind Princess to create a comfortable winter atmosphere for citizens to enjoy the “Right Royal Winter Capital.”  Taming the
snowflakes caught in the blustery wind to gently kiss the noses of children enjoying snowy days is one of this Princess’s favorite abilities. This Princess serves as a muse to the Royal Ice Carvers to inspire their incredible icy creations. This princess is adorned in blue and while she may be known for ice, she is most certainly warm-hearted.


East Wind Princess

Mystical, mysterious, majestic and mischievous describes those who hail from the East.  The East Wind Princess complements Euros’s irresponsible and rascally ways. Despite his light-hearted practical jokes, she remains level-headed, cautious, and above all, always gracious. This “Genie- Princess” utilizes her magical powers to inspire citizens to live in the Legend and make children believe in real fairy tales. She loves granting the wish of a "Snow Day" for kids and adults alike.  She is as regal as royal can be and surrounds herself with purple and gold.


West Wind Princess

The “bountiful and responsible” West Wind group are the characters that hold the Royal Family together.  The West Wind Princess is known for being benevolent, considerate and  noble.  While Zephrys plays the role of keeping his irresponsible and unstable brothers in place, this Princess fosters gentle harmony within the Royal Family.  She is reliable and relaxed as well as fair and forgiving.  She is decorated with green embellishments that have a wild western flair!


South Wind Princess

The Princess of the South Wind is known for being sassy as well as sophisticated.  South Winds in general, may be known for their rebellious spirit, but “Ooh La La” as she is known, plays more of a neutral role in bridging the relationship between Notos and the Vulcan Krewe with the Royal Family.  She is effervescent and exciting, exuding the characteristics of the color red, which symbolizes warmth, compassion, and love for the Legend.

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